Boiler smells of GAS

Boiler smells of GAS

Whether your home heating or boiler is leaking water or gas, you need to take action.

There is a strong smell of gas coming from the kitchen area.

The smell is coming from the central heating boiler area!

There is a small leak in the system that needs to be fixed.

The central heating boiler needs to be checked and repaired immediately.

A gas leak, even a small one, can spell disaster if it comes in contact with a naked flame.

If you smell this coming from your central heating boiler, immediately extinguish any type of naked flames, open all windows and doors and leave your home immediately

  • If you can smell gas from the flue system on the exterior of your home, this is rather typical and is usually nothing to fret about, but you ought to still switch the boiler off and request your boiler to be checked and serviced by a professional gas safe engineer
  • Make certain all doors and windows are open.
  • Gas is hazardous to humans and family pets and the unsavoury odour merely serves as a warning of gas leakage. But it can appear at other times as well, and smelling it does not necessarily mean that you have a gas leakage.
  • On the other hand, if you’re smelling gas from anywhere within your property, or from the central heating boiler, you may have a gas leak.
  • If you think a gas leak, switch off all the electric supply, isolate and turn off your gas supply at the gas meter and look for emergency gas-safe assistance to inspect your central heating boiler as this is more than likely a dangerous situation and should be managed immediately

Can a Gas leak in my boiler make it explode?  Yes

Dave Stroud
Author: Dave Stroud