Elnur Mattira 3kw Combi Electric Boiler

Designed and manufactured by ELNUR, the Mattira electric boiler is a highly reliable combi boiler with an output rating of 3 kW.

Why choose an electric boiler?

Electric boilers are the best alternative to gas and oil for smaller homes and flats with a low demand for heating and hot water. They produce little to no waste making them highly efficient, installation is flexible and simple, there’s no risk of a carbon monoxide leak, an annual service isn’t essential and they provide a quick response to calls for heating and hot water.

Why is the efficiency of an electric boiler different to gas?

Most electric boilers, including the ELNUR Mattira combi, are 100% efficient as all the energy used generates central heating and hot water, without any waste. Despite this, electric boilers are only handed an ErP D-rating while gas and oil boilers are awarded an A-rating for being up to 93% efficient.

The reason behind this is that electricity generation in the UK is considered carbon intensive as the majority of the production is done by burning fossil fuels. Find out more by reading our article on Electric Boiler Efficiency Explained.

Could an electric boiler save me money?

Electricity might be an expensive fuel to heat your home and hot water with, compared to gas and oil, but there are savings to be made by installing an electric boiler. Firstly, the installation is simpler, which help to bring the cost down, there’s no need for an annual service and fewer moving parts means that there’s less chance you’ll need to call a heating engineer out for any repairs.

How efficient is an electric boiler?

ELNUR Mattira combi boilers are 100% efficient with an ErP rating of D for heating and hot water.

Is a Mattira 3 kW right for my home?

An output rating of 3 kW makes this Mattira electric boiler suitable for smaller homes and flats with 2 radiators.

Does the Mattira electric boiler range offer any alternative options?

The ELNUR Mattira electric boiler range includes models with various output ratings in addition to this 3 kW unit. These include 4kW and 6kW boilers for homes with 3-4 radiators, 7 kW, 8kW and 9kW models for properties with 4-6 radiators as well as 10kW, 11 kW, 12 kW and 15 kW boilers for home with up to 10 radiators.

What are the key features of the ELNUR Mattira? The ELNUR Mattira features digital modulation which means there’s less energy waste, a high flow rate, integral 50 litre store of water with user adjustable temperature regulation to provide instant hot water, a silent TRIAC power switch, steel shielded incology800 elements for high temperature strength and resistance to corrosion, integral expansion vessel pump and AAV as well as a digital display with user friendly controls and key lock facility to allow maximum control over the unit.

Does this boiler have a warranty period?

Available with a 5 year warranty on the cylinder as well as 2 years on the electronics as standard, you can be confident that ELNUR will see that you’re covered long after the installation.