Priwa 24 Combi Gas Boiler

Typical Price (inc VAT) £N/A
Typical installation Cost (inc VAT)*: £500 - £1,000
Total Cost: £N/A

Boiler Specifications

Model: Priwa 24 Combi Gas Boiler
Is Condensing: Condensing
Efficiency Rating: 90%
Band Rating: A Rated
LPG Compatible: Yes
Standard Warranty: 2 years
Central Heating Max. Output: 25 kW
Mounting: Wall Mounted
Flow Rate: 14.8 1/min
Typical Price (inc VAT): £N/A
Typical installation Cost (inc VAT)*: £500 - £1,000
ERP Rating: A Heat A Water
Hot Water Max. Output: 31.15 kW

Product Description

The Priwa 24/31 is a condensing, compact, wall mounted combi gas boiler is a reliable unit that’s been designed and manufactured by Warmhaus.

This is a highly efficient unit and comes with an efficiency rating of 90% and an ErP A rating for heating and hot water. With a central heating output rating of 24 kW this boiler is perfectly suitable for the homes that have a high demand for heating and hot water. Plus there’s a high flow rate of 14.8 litres per minute.

Thanks to its compact size, it has a width of just 288mm, the Priwa is able to fit into the narrowest of spaces and can be installed just about anywhere from the kitchen to a balcony.

Within the compact unit are a host of features such as an 8 litre expansion tank that can provide 130-140 liters of water to the system, a wide smart LCD display that shows the heating and hot water temperatures, an effective circulation pump with a frequency convertor, a high efficiency pump, a continuous flow of hot water to the heat exchanger and a unit that’s quiet in operation thanks to having a 10mm cover isolation. You can even adjust the boiler’s altitude setting to give you maximum efficiency.

As this is a Combi boiler it supplies hot water and heating on demand by using the mains water supply. This means you don’t need to have a bulky tank or cylinder making them perfect for homes where space is limited.

Featuring a 2 year warranty, you’ll be investing in a boiler that won’t let you down.