Alpha e-Tec 28kw Combi image

Product Description

Designed and manufactured by Alpha, the E-TEC is a condensing combi gas boiler that boasts a number of features to benefit your home.

Where can this boiler be installed?

As a compact unit that’s wall-mounted, the E-TEC is able to fit within a standard kitchen cupboard, helping to save you some much needed space around the home.

Is a combi boiler right for my home?

Combi boilers are a water heater and central heating boiler wrapped into a single unit – there’s no need for any tanks or cylinders. This makes them the perfect solution for smaller homes.

Is the output rating suitable for my home?

This model of Alpha E-TEC has an output rating of 28 kW, which is best suited to medium-sized homes that don’t have such an excessive need for heating and hot water.

How efficient is this boiler?

A seasonal efficiency of 93% (SEDBUK 88.9%) and ErP A-rating for heat make this a highly efficient boiler. It also has an A-rating for hot water too thanks to its high flow rate of 12.1 litres a minute.

Does this range of boilers comes with any options?

As well as the 28 kW unit, the Alpha E-TEC range also includes a 33 kW model that’s better suited to larger homes with a higher demand for heating and hot water.

What are the key features of the Alpha E-TEC?

Some of the features of this Alpha boiler include a stainless steel heat exchanger, a high efficiency grundfos pump, hydroblock assembly, a single electrode, easy-access drive change, NTCs on front pipes, a combined condensate, pressure relief valve connection and zinc plated expansion vessel to prevent corrosion.

How long is the warranty period?

Available with a lengthy 7 year warranty as standard, you’ll get the peace of mind that you’re covered well after the boiler has been installed.