Alpha E-TEC 30s System Boiler

Product Description

The E-Tec System Gas Boiler is a condensing unit that has been designed and manufactured by Alpha.

With an output rating of 30kW, this boiler is perfectly suited to medium-sized homes that don’t have such an excessive need for heating and hot water. It’s also available with an output of 20kW which is more suited to smaller homes. The unit is also highly efficient, with an efficiency rating of 93%, giving the boiler an ErP rating A.

Thanks to its compact size and the fact that it’s wall mountable, you’ll be saving that valuable space in the home. Despite its size, the boiler still has lots of features to offer. It comes with a stainless steel heat exchanger, high efficiency grundfos pump, hydroblock assembly, a single electrode, easy access to components, dry-change NTCs and a combined condensate pressure relief valve connection. It also boasts a zinc plated expansion vessel which helps to prevent corrosion.

As a System boiler, this unit uses water from the mains to heat your central heating system and water for the hot water storage cylinder. Most of the important components of the system such as the pump and expansion vessel are built into the boiler, making it quicker and cleaner to install. This also means that you get a faster response to demand for heating and hot water, plus you don’t need to have a feed and expansion tank in the loft.

Available with a 10 year warranty, you’ll know that you’re installing a highly reliable boiler.