Alpha E-Tec Plus 28kw Combi Gas Boiler

Product Description

This boiler is highly efficient, available with an efficiency rating of 93% to give it an ErP A rating. As well as this, it comes with an impressive 12.1 liters per minute flow rate. Featuring an output output rating of 28kW, this boiler is perfectly suited to medium sized homes that don’t have such an excessive demand for hot water or heating. There’s also a boiler in this range more suited to larger homes that has an output of 33kW.

The E-Tec Plus 28 is a compact unit which helps save valuable space around your home but despite its size it still has room for many features and benefits. It features a stainless steel heat exchanger, a high efficiency grundfos pump and hydroblock assembly, a single electrode, easy access, dry-change NTCs on the front of the pipes, combined condensate and pressure relief valve connection, a zinc plated expansion vessel helping to prevent corrosion, copper pipe tails with isolation valves, an integrated filling loop, bottom cover and an easy to use control panel to help you get the most out of the boiler. All of these features make for a highly reliable boiler that is also backed by an impressive 13 year warranty when installed with the Alpha PremierPack Extra.

As a Combi boiler, it supplies hot water and heating on demand by using the mains water supply. This means you don’t need to have bulky tanks or cylinders around your home which makes it perfect for smaller homes where space is limited.