Alpha Evoke 28kw Combi Boiler

Product Description

The Evoke 28kW combi gas boiler is a condensing wall mounted unit from Alpha. With it being a combi boiler it is great for those homes where space is limited this is because they don’t require an external water tank or cylinder since everything is wrapped up in one cost effective unit. This boiler is a highly efficient unit coming with an efficiency rating of 93%, making it an A rated boiler.

This boiler has an output of 28kW and is ideal for those homes that do not have an excessive need for hot water. This boiler comes with a wide range of features and benefits. With this boiler being a compact unit it is able to fit in a standard sized cupboard and also has easy accessing and servicing. It features a brand new stainless steel heat exchanger, which is said to be Alphas smallest heat exchanger. It has a backlit LCD with push button controls and detailed operational information, making it an easy to use boiler that you can have maximum control over. This boiler also features a high efficiency Grundfos pump and hydroblock assembly, single electrode, easy access NTCs on front of pipes, one piece cartridge diverter valve, clip on DHW temperature sensor, dry change NTCs, combined condensate pressure relief valve connection, and an IPX4D protection.

The EVOKE 28kW has a low electrical consumption to allow you to save money. This boiler comes with frost protection and daily pump kick, helping to protect your boiler all year round. This boiler is capable of delivering 12.1 litres of water per minute. With it also featuring five years warranty you can be sure you have purchased an highly reliable unit.