Ariston Clas HE 24kw Regular Boiler

The CLAS HE is a regular gas boiler available in the output of 24kW. This boiler is highly efficient, with its heat being A rated and an overall efficiency rating of 90.3%.

This model comes with a stainless steel heat exchanger and two temperature zone capability. It has an auto-diagnostic system, adding some security that in the unlikely event that your boiler breaks down, it will be able to tell you the problem.

As well as this it incorporates ways to protect itself such as an anti-frost device to protect your boiler through the cold wintery days. The CLAS HE comes with a range of wired and wireless controls, making this model very energy efficient as well as compact and quiet.

This boiler comes with auto function technology which is used to adapt to environmental conditions and the type of system that you have, which means a comfortable temperature is reached inside the room quickly and efficiently. This boiler comes with a five year warranty.