Ariston Clas Net One 24kw Combi Boiler

Product Description

The Clas Net One Combi gas boiler is a highly reliable boiler with a variety of features and benefits. It is a condensing, wall mountable unit. This model is extremely compact and lightweight. It features extra space inside the boiler for installers to work on. This boiler is a highly efficient unit being an A rated and featuring a 90% efficiency rating. This boiler also features an output rating of 24kW making it perfectly suited for the smaller home and its heating demands, as well as homes that only have one bathroom.

With this boiler comes a wide range of options and features to make it the most reliable and efficient product. It includes Ariston’s new heat exchanger the Xtratech – allowing the boiler to perform better and more efficiently than ever before. It has a single coil design and 142% wider waterways, helping to make it more reliable and reduce the pressure drop, with less chance of blockages or obstructions. With this feature, performance can be increased and it boasts an improved condensing surface whilst still being easy to remove, clean and maintain. It is a strong, robust boiler, featuring Ariston branded components. It is quieter to run and features a new and improved silencer and the latest soundproofing technology – allowing the boiler to never disturb you or your home. It is an easy to set up boiler with low voltage connections and colour coded wiring, as well as a well-designed circuit board. Another great way it allows the unit to be an easily set up boiler helping to save both time and money. This unit is a combi boiler, meaning it supplies hot water and heating on demand by using the mains water supply. This means you don’t need to have bulky tanks or cylinders making them perfect for the smaller homes. With this boiler featuring a five-year warranty you can be sure it is not going to let you down.