Ariston Clas Net One 30kw Combi Boiler

Product Description

The Ariston Clas Net one combi gas boiler comes with a variety of features and benefits. With this boiler being a high efficiency unit it comes with a rating of 90% making it an A rated option. This unit is a condensing boiler, designed as a wall mountable unit. Ariston have also designed this unit as a lightweight boiler, with it having extra space inside – aiding the installers on installation, commissioning servicing and doing repairs.

This unit is compact allowing you to save that much-needed space in your home. With this unit coming with an output rating of 30kW it is perfectly suited for the medium-sized homes. With not such an excessive need for heating and hot water. This unit also comes available in a range of other outputs. With this boiler features Aristons brand-new Xtratech heat exchanger, allowing the boiler to perform more efficiently than ever before. It comes with a single coil design and has 142% wider waterways.

It has been designed to be more reliable but with reduced pressure drops and less chance of blockage/obstructions. With it having an improved condensing surface it improves the performance whilst helping it to be easy to remove clean and maintain. It is a colour coded boiler and features Ariston branded components and a full range of controls to give you maximum control over the unit. It is a quieter running boiler that features Aristons new and improved silencer and latest soundproofing technology to ensure this unit will never disturb you in your home. With it being a combi unit it supplies hot water and heating on demand by using the mains water supply. This means you don’t need to have bulky tanks or cylinders making them perfect for smaller homes or homes where space is limited. With this unit featuring an 8—year warranty you can be sure this highly reliable boiler is not going to let you down.