Elnur Mattira 8kw Combi Electric Boiler

The Mattira 11 kW is a highly reliable wall-mounted electric combi boiler designed and manufactured by ELNUR.

Why choose an electric boiler?

With supplies of gas and oil expected to run dry in the next 40 years, there might not be a better time to switch to an electric heating system. Not only is electricity an alternative to gas and oil, it also has many benefits, including zero emissions during operation, no risk of a carbon monoxide leak, highly efficient performance, an annual service isn’t essential, solution for properties off the gas network and a quick response to demand for central heating. In addition, the installation is much more flexible as there’s no need for a flue or condensate pipe and there are fewer moving parts so there’s less chance of a fault developing.

Why is electric boiler efficiency different to gas and oil?

Electric boilers are often labelled as 99-100% efficient compared to the maximum of around 94% for gas and oil boilers. Despite this, electric boiler only have an ErP D-rating while less efficient gas and oil boilers can achieve an ErP A-rating.

To put the efficiency into context a gas boiler that’s 94% efficient will waste 6% of the fuel so for every £1 spent on heating your home, 6p is lost. Electric boiler use all the fuel so there’s little to no waste.

The ErP rating awarded to electric boilers is lower for a couple of reasons. Firstly, electricity is expensive and secondly, it’s considered a carbon intensive fuel. The emissions of natural gas production, before being delivered to the home, is 0.216kg of CO2 per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Meanwhile, emissions from electricity generation is 0.519 kg of CO2 per kWh, that’s more than double the emissions from natural gas and, as a result, electricity is considered more carbon intensive than natural gas.

You can find more about this in our article Electric Boiler Efficiency Explained.

Will this boiler save me money?

An electric boiler will help to save you money in a number of ways, from the lower installation costs to the highly efficient performance. You also don’t have to arrange an annual service, saving you between £60-£120 and as there are fewer moving parts, a fault is much less likely.

How efficient is this Mattira electric boiler?

This is a highly efficient boiler, as shown by the 36.4% efficiency rating and ErP D-rating for heat and C-rating for hot water.

Is this boiler right for my home?

This unit has an output rating of 11kW which makes this electric boiler suitable for homes with 6-8 radiators and a single bathroom.

Are there any alternative options?

There’s a wide range of outputs available in the Mattira electric boiler range so if 11 kW isn’t suitable you might want to turn to one of their other units. For homes with 3-4 radiators there are 3 kW, 4 kW and 6 kW units, while homes with 4-6 radiators can choose from 7 kW, 8 kW and 9 kW boilers and there are also 10 kW, 12 kW, 13 kW and 15 kW for higher heating demand.

What does this electric boiler feature?

This Mattira electric boiler has been designed for 3 phase electricity supplies, features a smart electronic modulation system to regulate energy consumption according to the exact heating needs at all times (an external room stat is required), digital modulation to reduce energy waste, a high flow rate, internal 50l store of water with user adjustable temperature regulation, a silent TRIAC power switch, steel shielded incology800 elements for high temperature strength and resistance to corrosion, expansion vessel pump and AAV as well as a digital display with user friendly controls and key lock facility to allow maximum control over the unit.

Does this boiler have a warranty period?

Mattira electric boilers are available with a 5 year warranty on the hot water cylinder while the rest of the components are covered for a 2 year period.