Elnur Mattira 8kw Combi Electric Boiler

The Mattira 15 kW electric combi boiler is the most powerful unit in the Mattira range designed and manufactured by ELNUR.

Why choose an electric boiler?

There are many reasons to choose an electric heating system, with the resources of gas and oil expected to run out within the next forty years electricity could be the best solution for home heating installing an electric heating system comes with many benefits such as it produces zero emissions, no risks of a carbon monoxide leak, it is an efficient and effective heating system for properties off the gas network and features quick response to the central heating being turned on. Other benefits include installation being flexible due to not needing a flue or condensate pipe there are fewer moving parts so less chance of developing a fault, no need for an annual service which will save both time and money in future unlike natural gas or oil that need servicing once a year.

Why is the efficiency of electric boilers different to gas?

Efficiency ratings of 99-100% show how efficient electric boilers are yet they’re only ever awarded ErP ratings of about D. On the other hand, gas and oil boilers can have an ErP A-rating despite achieving efficiencies of no more than 93%.

While electric boilers are highly efficient, the electricity generation back at the power plant is the reason why electric appliances have a low ErP rating.

Electricity is considered a carbon intensive fuel because the majority of generation in the UK is the result of burning fossil fuels. This process releases twice as much carbon than natural gas production, hence the lower ErP rating.

You can find more by reading Electric Boiler Efficiency Explained.

Can a Mattira electric boiler save me money?

Electric boiler installation is simpler and therefore often cheaper than gas and oil boiler installation and could potentially save you up to £250. As well as the installation, annual services aren’t necessary which can help to save you a further £60 – £120 each year and as there are fewer moving parts in an electric boiler, there’s much less chance of an issue developing.

How efficient is a Mattira boiler?

The Mattira 15 kW is 100% efficient, meaning that all of the electricity used will be converted into heating or hot water for your home. It has an ErP D-rating for heating and hot water.

Is the Mattira 15 kW boiler right for my home?

This unit is an 15kW output rating making this boiler suitable for homes and flats with around 10 radiators.

Are there any alternative options in the Mattira range?

The Mattira 15 kW is the most powerful boiler in the range but if you need something smaller, there’s plenty of choice with 3 kW, 4 kW, 6 kW, 7 kW, 8 kW, 9 kW, 10 kW, 11 kW, 12 kW and 13 kW options also available.

What are the key features of Mattira electric boilers? Mattira electric combi boilers feature smart electronic modulation to regulate energy consumption, digital modulation to ensure less energy waste, a high flow rate, integrated 50 litre store of water with user adjustable temperature regulation, TRIAC technology, steel shielded INCOLOY800 elements for high temperature strength and resistance to corrosion, expansion vessel pump and AAV as well as a digital display with user friendly controls for maximum control over the unit.

How long is the warranty period?

Mattira electric boilers are available with a 5 year warranty on the hot water cylinder while the rest of the components are covered over a 2 year period.