Elnur Mattira 4kw Combi Electric Boiler

Designed and manufactured by ELNUR, the Mattira is a wall-mounted electric combi boiler suitable for smaller homes and flats.

<strong>Why choose an electric boiler?</strong>

As gas and oil supplies begin to run low, there’s never been a better time to go electric with your central heating system and electric boilers don’t come without their benefits. To start with, they don’t produce any emissions during operation which will help to reduce your carbon footprint, there’s no risk of a carbon monoxide leak, they respond to calls for heating and hot water very quickly and they’re highly efficient.

<strong>Why is the efficiency of electric boilers different to gas and oil?</strong>

Electric boilers are efficient heating systems, as shown by the efficiency ratings of 99-100%. Some confusion around electric boiler efficiency can lie in the ErP rating which is often D, whereas gas and oil boilers can have an ErP A-rating despite rarely achieving efficiencies of 93%.

While electric boilers are highly efficient at turning electricity into central heating and hot water for the home, the electricity generation back at the power plant is the reason why electric appliances have a low ErP rating.

Electricity is considered a carbon intensive fuel because the majority of generation in the UK is the result of burning fossil fuels. This process releases twice as much carbon than natural gas production, hence the lower ErP rating.

You can find more by reading Electric Boiler Efficiency Explained.

<strong>Could the Mattira electric boiler save me money?</strong>

Electricity is widely recognised as being an expensive fuel, which is why the vast majority of UK homes turn to gas for home heating. There are, however, several ways an electric boiler can actually save you money during its lifetime though.

To begin with, electric boiler installation is much simpler than gas or oil boiler installation, which helps to keep those initial costs down. From then on, you’ll be making an annual saving of around £60-£120 on services as they’re not essential for boilers. Additionally, electric boilers have fewer moving parts so that chances that you’ll need to call on a heating engineer to repair an electric boiler are much lower than with other boiler types.

<strong>How efficient is the ELNUR Mattira?</strong>

ELNUR’s Mattira range of electric boilers achieve efficiency ratings of 100% and have an ErP D-rating for both heat and hot water.

<strong>Is a Mattira electric boiler right for my home?</strong>

This 4kW unit is one of the least powerful boiler in the Mattira range and is best suited to small properties with only 3-4 radiators.

<strong>Are there any alternative options in the Mattira range?</strong>

The Mattira 3 kW is only suitable for those really small homes but there’s a wide number of other output ratings available in the range to help you find a suitable electric boiler for your home. Output ratings of 4 kW, 6 kW, 7 kW, 8 kW, 9 kW, 10 kW, 11 kW, 12 kW, 13 kW and 15 kW are also available which means that properties with up to 10 radiators can enjoy the benefits of a Mattira electric boiler.

<strong>What are the key features of a Mattira electric boiler?</strong>

Mattira electric boilers offer a wide range of benefits, including single or 3 phase supplies, a smart electronic modulation system to regulate energy consumption according to the exact heating needs at all times, digital modulation to reduce energy waste, a high flow rate, integrated 50 litre store of water with user adjustable temperature regulation to provide instant hot water, a silent TRIAC power switch, steel shielded INCOLOY800 elements for high temperature strength and resistance to corrosion an integral expansion vessel pump and AAV, as well as a digital display with user friendly controls and key lock facility to allow maximum control over the unit.

<strong>How long is the warranty period?</strong>

Mattira electric boilers are available with a 5 year warranty on the hot water cylinder while the rest of the components are covered over a 2 year period.