Ferroli BLUEHELIX RRT Tếch 28c Combi Boiler

Product Description

The BLUEHELIX RRT Tech is a condensing combi gas boiler, designed and manufactured by Ferroli. Being wall-mounted and compact in size, BLUEHELIX won’t take up much space around the home, ideal if you live in a smaller property. With an output rating of 28 kW, this combi boiler will be able to meet higher demands for heating and hot water.

As well as being compact in size, this is a highly efficient boiler, shown by the seasonal efficiency rating of 93% and ErP A-rating for heat. A flow rate of 11.5 litres per minute also contributes towards an A-rating for hot water too.

Available in a range of output ratings, including: 18 kW, 24 kW and 34 kW, there’s an option to suit almost any home. No matter which model you install, you’ll be able to benefit from a number of features, such as a Ferroli Thermobalance heat exchanger, increased insulation, wide waterways, produces minimal NOx emissions of <56mg/kWh n(class 6) and are compatible with solar systems. BLUEHELIX units are able to achieve minimum noise levels thanks to the BLUEHELIX tech, patented gas adaptive technology to ensure optimum combustion if the air density gas quality or pressure changes, designed for simple installation, a self-cooling burner door with no insulation panel, an eco function so the boiler is only active hot water is needed, outside weather adjustment, easy to use control system and stainless steel combustion chamber with a smooth steel surface allowing it to reduce deposits and extends life. Combi boilers are a water heater and central heating boiler wrapped into one unit so they don’t require a hot water cylinder, saving space in the home - perfect for smaller properties. Featuring a 10 year warranty on parts and labour when fitted with a magnetic filter, you’ll be well covered by Ferroli long after the installation.