Vaillant ecoTec Pro 30kw Combi Boiler

Product Description

Manufactured by Vaillant, the ecoTEC Pro 30 is a highly efficient and compact condensing combi gas boiler designed for wall-mounted installation.

How efficient is the ecoTEC Pro 30?

The Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 30 can perform at highly efficient levels which is why it has an efficiency of 94% and ErP A-rating for heat and hot water.

Is the output rating suitable for my home?

Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 30 has a central heating (CH) output of 25.7 kW and a domestic hot water (DHW) output of 30 kW. This makes it well suited to homes with around 10 radiators and 1-2 bathrooms.

Are other output ratings available in the Vaillant ecoTEC Pro range?

There are 3 ecoTEC Pro gas combi boilers are available with central heating outputs ranging from 24.8 kW up to 25.9 kW and domestic hot water outputs from 23.4 kW up to 30 kW. The ecoTEC Pro 28 is also available as an LPG boiler, great for off-grid homes.

Is a combi boiler suitable for my home?

A combi boiler is a compact and cost-effective heating system that heats water on demand using the mains supply. This removes the need for any tanks or cylinders but does mean that they can meet higher demands for hot water as system and regular boilers.

How long is the warranty period?

The Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 30 comes with a 2 year warranty as standard which can be extended to 7 years if the installation is registered through Vaillant Advance.

What are the key features of the ecoTEC Pro 30?

The Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 30 has a number of key features which allow it to run reliably and efficiently. Some of these features include a low NOx burner, frost protection, Vaillant’s aquaCOMFORT warm start feature and it’s Quiet Mark approved.

How big is the Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 30?

Compact dimensions of 720 x 440 x 335mm (HxWxD) help to give you greater flexibility when it comes to finding a location for the boiler to be installed.