Product Description

Designed and manufactured by Warmhaus, the Priwa Plus 33 is a highly reliable condensing, compact, wall mounted combi gas boiler.

The Priwa Plus is a compact unit with a width of just 288mm so is able to fit in a wide range of places and can be installed anywhere from the kitchen to a balcony. Helping to save space around your home.

This is a highly efficient unit, shown through its efficiency rating of 90% and ErP A rating for heating and hot water. A 33 kW output rating makes the Priwa perfect for homes with a higher demand for heating and hot water. Also in the range are boilers with outputs of 24 kW and 28 kW. Plus, it boasts a flow rate of 19 litres a minute.

Housed in the Priwa Plus are many features such as an 8 litre expansion tank that can provide 130-140 litres of water to the system, a smart LCD display that shows the temperature of heating and hot water, an effective circulation pump with a frequency convertor, a high efficiency pump, continuous flow of hot water to its heat exchanger, a 10mm cover isolation for quiet operation, and control over the altitude setting to give you maximum efficiency.

With this being a Combi boiler, it’s the ideal system for smaller properties as they don’t take up as much space as System or Regular boilers due to not requiring an external water tank or cylinder since everything is wrapped up in one cost effective unit.

The Priwa Plus is available with a 2 year warranty as standard, giving you the peace of mind that this unit isn’t going to let you down.