Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave ii Combi Oil Boiler

Product Descriptions Greenstar Heatslave II 12/18 Combi Oil Boiler

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave II 12/18 is a compact combi boiler that runs on oil and has an output rating of 18 kW.

How efficient is the Greenstar Heatslave II 12/18?

This boiler has an efficiency rating of 90% and an ErP A-rating for heat, making it a highly efficient combi that could potentially save you money on your energy bills.

Is the output rating suitable for my home?

The output rating of 18 kW makes it best suited to smaller homes with a single bathroom and 10-15 radiators.

What options are available?

If you need a boiler that will meet higher demands for heating and hot water then 25 kW and 32 kW combi boilers are also included in the range. In addition, Greenstar Heatslave II units are also available as system and regular boilers for either internal or external installation.

Is a combi boiler suitable for my home?

Combi boilers are best suited to smaller properties with 1-2 bathrooms. If your home has a high demand for heating and hot water then you might be better off with a heating system that stores hot water in a cylinder, such as a system or regular boiler.

How long is the warranty?

The Greenstar Heatslave II has a 2 year warranty as standard which can be extended to 5 years when Worcester Bosch terms and conditions are met.

What are the key features of the Heatslave II combi boiler?

Features of the Greenstar Heatslave II include modern design, heating controls concealed in a drawer, an eco hot water mode which increases energy efficiency and compact dimensions for space-saving installation.

How big is the Greenstar Heatslave II combi?

Greenstar Heatslave II combi boilers have compact dimensions of 855 x 520 x 600mm (HxWxD) which mean that they can be installed under a standard kitchen worktop.