Central Heating Boiler is Dripping Water

Boiler is Dripping Water

Whether your house heating or boiler is dripping water or gas, you need to take action.

Your central heating boiler is leaking water.

This water isn’t dangerous, but it’s not doing anything good either.

You can fix the leak, but initially you require to understand where the leak is originating from.

The best means to locate the leak is to turn the heat up full blast and see where the water is being lost.

The water is leaking from the bottom of the central heating boiler The water is coming from a vent near the bottom of the boiler.

The water is leaking from the bottom of the boiler.

If your central heating boiler is dripping water, it’s not actually a danger to you unless the boiler is still turned on or running, however could be a danger to your property as water can do significant damages to floors, furniture, electrics and appliances, especially below the boiler.

The initial indication of a leaking central heating boiler may be that it cuts out as a result of low pressure. And even after you top it up, it loses pressure once again rapidly.

Inspect the area around the boiler for any leakages.

There could be water running down the wall surface the boiler is fixed to or from a small pipe travelling through the external wall near the central heating boiler.

Sometimes a small central heating boiler leak shows up as mould, damp or discoloration near the central heating boiler.

It can even be distorted skirting boards or countertops nearby.

Central heating boilers shouldn’t leak any type of water but should you find your central heating boiler leaking, below’s what could be creating it:

  • Small leaks of water could mean you need to top up your boiler pressure.
  • The pressure relief valve could be releasing extra pressure.
  • The heat exchanger– the vital part of your boiler where cold water is heated up with hot gas– could be damaged.
  • The joints where the heating system pipes meet the central heating boiler may have been badly sealed.

If your central heating boiler is getting old, some parts could have stopped working.

All of these faults are normally repairable.

It’s generally best to leave central heating boiler repair work to the specialists.

However in some instances, you may need a new central heating boiler.

Dave Stroud
Author: Dave Stroud