Guarantee or Warranty

Guarantee or Warranty

The main difference between a guarantee and a warranty is that a guarantee is usually free, whereas a warranty typically includes a premium for the cover (much like a form of insurance).

The great thing about a guarantee is that it is legally binding and adds to your rights under consumer law.

Other differences include the fact that warranties sometimes only cover certain parts of a product.

A good example of this is when you take out a warranty on a new or used car, only to find that tyres, brake pads and other items are not covered.

Warranties also entitle manufacturers to charge for call outs, which can be an unwanted and unexpected expense.

In contrast guarantees typically cover the whole product, and most manufacturers won’t charge you for a guarantee call out visit by one of our engineers providing that your boiler is serviced annually.

As with any warranty or guarantee we always recommend that you check the terms and conditions, as well as seeing what other homeowners and landlords are saying about a company and whether they honour their commitments in a fair and open way.

Manufacturers like Worcester Bosch take pride in their guarantees and their main requirement is that the boiler is serviced annually

Source: Worcester Bosch

Dave Stroud
Author: Dave Stroud