Looking for a new boiler

Looking for a new boiler

Here’s the key things you might want to consider

Your boiler is at the heart of your home.

It’s the thing that provides comfort on cold nights, and hot showers before a hard day, so it goes without saying, deciding on a new one can be daunting.

What’s important to you in a new boiler, may be very different to what’s important to the next person, it often comes down to your property, lifestyle or budget. That being said, there are a few boiler features we all aspire to.

Energy efficient boilers

We live in an age where you rarely hear about energy costs going down, but where your energy provider can’t help, maybe your boiler can.

You can save up to £580* a year on your gas bills by replacing an old G-rated boiler with one of our highly energy efficient A-rated boilers.

We have given ourselves incredible efficiency standards to meet as part of our climate commitment, so you know when you buy a Worcester Bosch, we are as invested as you are in making your home more energy efficient.

Quiet boilers

Comfort is often associated with quietness. There’s no reason this shouldn’t apply to your boiler.

Why be woken up by the whir of the boiler coming to life, or be disturbed in your working day when the taps go on?

We’ve worked hard and innovated harder to ensure more of our boilers are quieter than ever before.

We are now Quiet Mark certified for a number of our boilers.

Boilers with a long guarantee

We want you to have the same confidence in our boilers as we do, which is why they come with a full parts and labour guarantee including a 10 year guarantee* on the primary heat exchanger – the heart of the boiler.

We also guarantee the boiler as a whole for a minimum of 5 years as standard*.

And if you get a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer to fit one of our Lifestyle boilers with a Greenstar system filter and control, it’ll come with a 12 year guarantee* – that’s how confident we are of our quality!

Boilers full of features

For us the future of home and hot water heating has never been about adding more buttons, gadgets, or frivolous features. Every evolution, every added feature is solely for the purpose of making your life easier. Whether it’s in our smart controls you can adjust from anywhere, our automatic self-filling technology which lets your boiler look after the system for you, or the fact that our boilers are hydrogen blend ready. With a Worcester Bosch boiler, a hassle-free future is guaranteed.

Stylish boilers

For decades the form of boilers was simply dictated by functionality, they were an ugly box to be hidden in a cupboard. But as interior spaces change, and technology advances there is no reason not to finesse the formula. Meet Style, the boiler, but not as you know it. Available in a choice of high gloss black or white, the Greenstar Style range is a stunning design-led boiler with no compromise on quality. Style has more power, more connectivity, more intelligence and more reasons to place it with pride, and not hide it away.

The home comforts of heating and hot water

To us the word home is wrapped up in the idea of warmth. Our customers know that with Worcester Bosch they can forget about their boiler, forget about their heating and hot water. A Worcester Bosch boiler will be there day after day, year after year – reliably heating your home with minimal fuss, so you can focus on living and enjoying life. 

It’s our ambition to make home comfort a priority, to ensure more people get to experience the physical and emotional warmth of owning a Worcester Bosch boiler. Whether hidden in a cupboard, or living on the kitchen wall, a boiler may seem like just an everyday object, but the ability to warm lives, so that you can get on with living and enjoying them, is important to us.

SOURCE: www.worcester-bosch.co.uk

Dave Stroud
Author: Dave Stroud