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Alpha Home Heating manufacture Combi Boilers, Regular Boilers and System Boilers, all run on gas. The best boiler solution suited to your domestic home will depend on the size of your house.

Alpha E-Tec 35s System Boiler

Alpha E-TEC 35s System Gas Boiler

Product description The Alpha E-Tec 35s is a highly efficient condensing system gas boiler that needs to be installed alongside a hot water cylinder. How efficient is the Alpha E-Tec 35s? Replacing your current boiler with an Alpha E-Tec 35s system boiler could lower your heating bills as it performs at a highly efficient 93%…

Alpha E-TEC 30s System Boiler

Alpha E-TEC 30s System Gas Boiler

Product Description The E-Tec System Gas Boiler is a condensing unit that has been designed and manufactured by Alpha. With an output rating of 30kW, this boiler is perfectly suited to medium-sized homes that don’t have such an excessive need for heating and hot water. It’s also available with an output of 20kW which is…

Alpha E-Tec 20s System Boiler

Alpha E-TEC 20S System Gas Boiler

Product Description Designed and manufactured by Alpha, the E-Tec System 20kW Gas Boiler is a compact unit that can help to save you some much needed space around the home. This boiler is highly efficient, featuring a 93% efficiency rating which means that it has an ErP A rating. It’s available with an output rating…